Tall Ships Sailing Day

30th June, 08:30-18:00 | Ipswich

The Cirdan Sailing Trust offers opportunities for a day’s sailing to young people over 14 and their carers. The date of the next Tall Ships Sailing Day has now been set to take place on 30th June 2013 aboard the Queen Galadriel.

The Cirdan Sailing Trust specialises in enabling groups of young people, particularly those who are socially, physically or mentally disadvantaged, to experience the challenge and adventure of life at sea on large sailing vessels.

The experience and benefits gained can clearly be measured against desired outcomes as highlighted by our youth leaders. Amongst these are developments in self-confidence, sense of achievement, team building, tolerance, facing challenges and sense of responsibility.

Visit the Cirdan Sailing Trust at www.cirdansailing.com

Anyone interested in taking part please contact Deidre Clement on 01277 363316 or at downsyndromee21@aol.com

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