Date posted: December 19, 2014

Group Speech & Language Therapy workshops

Upwards with Downs are currently in discussion with West Essex Speech & Language Therapy services & they are keen to work with Upwards with Downs to help set up term time weekly group speech & language therapy workshops for people of all ages with Down Syndrome as well as a feeding workshop for babies or young children.

There will be a 0-5 workshop during the daytime & also a feeding workshop for babies or children with feeding issues.

They will also be providing a workshop for the over 5’s which will be an after school session for 45 minutes. We would like to liase with schools also & perhaps invite the child’s LSA to some of the sessions so that they can also implement the strategies learnt at the workshops whilst at school to ensure consistency. All sessions will be charged at £2.50 a session & these will need to be paid termly in advance.
These workshops will be a great way to obtain extra help for babies/children/young people & adults with DS & we feel very excited that the NHS is keen to set up a centre of excellence for people with Down Syndrome. They are hoping that if successful, this service will be delivered to other trusts in the future. 

Anyone interested in taking part should contact Cristina or Tara by email

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