Date posted: March 24, 2013

Help for those with Hypotonia

We have received the following information from a Lady whose own son battled with Hypotonia and so she took it upon herself to come up with a solution, the Happy Strap.

‘When Jens was a baby he battled with hypotonia which made it very difficult to reach the usual childhood developmental milestones. To counter this hypotonic problem I developed a device which is now know as the Happy Strap to counter the negative impact of hypotonia in infants.’

‘The Happy Strap is  a great product for infants with low tone – which occurs in almost all children with Trisomy 21.’

‘The Happy Strap is of huge benefit to hypotonic kids as well as for their therapists as it equivalent to “another pair of hands” when working with children.’

For more details on this product vist the following link


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