Date posted: September 16, 2012

Stubbers Activity Day 2012

After the success of our AGM at Stubbers last year we decided it was time to return for some more fun. 80 of our members arrived at midday on Sunday the 16th September for a wonderful buffet before 3 groups of instructors arrive to tempt us to try any 2 of the 3 activities on offer. Archery (yes i know what you are thinking, but it all went very well), the climbing wall, which was very popular last time and finally Raft building,(yes I know what you are think again, but this went quite well too).

Archery was great fun, children and parents all had ample time to learn and practice their skills and after an hour and a half of honing their skills the chalenge was to burst a balloon fixed the the center of the target and rack up a big score. There were a number of sharp shooters both young and old and lots of popped balloons, well done all.

The climbing wall was also open to Children and Parents, this was a very popular event last year and proved to be equally so this time with those trying it out able to move from the easier walls through to the more challenging ones as their confidence grew.

Finally the raft building (and we noted that not so many parents volunteered to take part in this event) where 2 competing teams had to construct their own rafts from barrels, timber logs and rope before taking it into the water and boarding it. Providing they didn’t sink there was then a race around the lake although having seen them both start a rudder would have been a worthwhile addition to both boats. But there had to be one person who was going to get wet and indeed poor Orla managed to slip off the side of her raft and into the lake before being pulled back onto the raft to help her team still finish first.

Everyone had great fun and thanks go to John Talbot for organising the day and to the team at Stubbers for making us so welcome and for looking after us all.

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