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Another successful fund raising drive

Once again our annual fundraising event took part on the 4th May at Buckmore Park where a full 35 teams gathered to race the latest 75mph RX8 karts around the 1250 m outdoor circuit.

We never fail to be surprised by the level of support we get year on year for this event and this was no exception. Bids for grid position this year raised a staggering £3,732.20 with £640 being the price paid for pole position.

Amazingly all 35 teams managed to start the race and get round the first 2 corners without incident, one kart then spun at the 2nd hairpin bend and a lot of evasive driving was suddenly order of the day.

With 2 short but heavy downbursts of rain during the 6 hour event there were periods of both wet and dry racing, the wet periods making it extremely interesting for spectators.

As the day wore on teams began buying there way up the leader board to try and get their hands on a trophy but 3 teams were obviously very determined not to go away empty handed. The railwaymen from Carillion paid £530 buying laps to take 3rd place followed by the Mark Lane team paying £ 880 for 2nd place but way out in front with a total of £4250 paid for their 1st Prize were team 62BG, a truly magnificent amount.

All in all on the day £11,297 was raised and with donations already received both on Just Giving and cheques our current total for this event to date is £15,843.

Thanks go out to everybody for their wonderful donations and support as always, this goes a long way to allow us to fulfil our yearly ambitions for events and trips.

The real race was convincingly one by last years runners up team GJD who with a total of 374 laps were 3 ahead of Stuart Coates team ‘Drive it like you stole it’. Taking 3rd place by just 33 seconds and with 369 laps under their belt was our own Greg Stuttles team ‘Camp Freddie’.

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Considering recent developments and guidelines provided by the Government, to protect our Members we have decided to suspend the charities programme for the time being.

DSE21 are pleased to hear about a group that has recently started in the Colchester area for families with young children.

On the 6th April 2019 DSE21 held an bike riding session at Just Ride Southend. Just Ride are a charity who specialise in inclusive bike riding using a running track to give people with disabilities the opportunity to experience bike riding in a safe and secure environment.

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A big thank you to Ruby Tibbs and her friends Maisie Harrison and Katie Johnson who ran a second hand handbag stall at the Rise Park fun day to celebrate its 80th anniversary.