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Communication courses available

A range of different communication courses are currently  available in the Harlow, Ongar, Stansted, Thaxted,  areas with Communication courses offered at different levels: Inclusive Communication, Baby Signing, Signalong, & Lip Reading.

For more details or to enrol contact Nola Marshall on 01279 43623 or email at

Inclusive Communication Introduction
An introduction to the principles of inclusive communication and tools that will help improve communication with people with learning disabilities. Free

Code           Date                                          Time            Weeks         Cost           Location
FR6D71     Saturday 02/03/2013        10:00-13:15          1                Free           ACL Harlow
FR4C56     Thursday 21/03/2013        18:30-21:30         1                Free          ACL Harlow
FR6A70    Saturday 27/04/2013         13:00-16:00         1               Free          ACL Harlow

Baby Signing Introduction
This course is ideal for those who would like to learn how to communicate with their child before s/he is able to talk and also for mothers-to-be, parents, carers, childminders or anyone who wants to learn about baby-signing. Babies are welcome. Free

Code                Date                                      Time              Weeks         Cost           Location
FSP4A53       Thursday 07/02/2013        10:00-12:00       1           Free           ACL Stansted
FTX4A52       Thursday 07/03/2013        10:00-12:00       1           Free           ACL Thaxted
BON4A22      Thursday 09/05/2013        10:00-12:00       1           Free          ACL Ongar
Signalong Introduction
Have you always wanted to learn to sign but didn’t have the time? Come along to the Introduction to Signalong Workshop and learn in a fun, relaxed and informal way. This session will give you the basics that you need to be able to sign day-to-day conversations with people with learning disabilities.

Code               Date                                          Time           Weeks       Cost           Location
FR6B50        Saturday 02/03/2013         13:30-16:30          1              £25           ACL Harlow
FR4C55        Thursday 14/03/2013          18:30-21:30          1              £25           ACL Harlow
FR4C57        Thursday 28/03/2013          18:30-21:30         1               £25          ACL Harlow
FR6B70        Saturday 27/04/2013          13:30-16:30         1               £25          ACL Harlow
Signalong Foundation
This course is a follow-on for those who have completed the Signalong Introduction.
Extra charge will be £25 for the manual, and £5 for a Signalong Certificate if required.

Code               Date                                            Time            Weeks         Cost                    Location
FR6D72        Saturday 20/04/2013               10:00-16:00          1          £55/£25           ACL Harlow
FR4C58        Thursdays 18 & 25/04/2013     18:30-21:30         2         £55/£25            ACL Harlow
Lip Reading Beginners for learners with hearing impairment
For hearing-impaired learners who wish to develop basic lip-reading skills and communication strategies. You will also be offered advice on assistive devices and information on some of the organisations which help people with an acquired hearing loss.

Code               Date                                         Time                Weeks         Cost                    Location
FR5A05         Friday 19/04/2013             10:00-12:00,            5               £25                 ACL Harlow
British Sign Language Courses are also offered, please contact us for further details

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