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Free conference for Carers of Adults with Dementia

The DSA is pleased to offer, free of charge , a conference to carers Supporting adults with Down’s syndrome who have received a diagnosis of Dementia.

It will take place in Bristol on 23rd October 2014.

The conference will be led by internationally renowned expert Diana Kerr and DSA trainer Julian Hallett.

Anyone wishing to attend should contact Hannah Patterson or contact on 0333 1212 300

Participants will be provided with a certificate for his or her continuing professional development

Seminar Aims
1. To develop an increased awareness of the nature of dementia.
2. To become better aware of the alert signs of dementia in a person with Down’s syndrome
3. To better understand the impact of dementia on people with Down’s syndrome
4. Develop better understanding and use of life story work
5. To identify barriers to effective communication and develop strategies to overcome these.
6. To Identify ways to provide supportive physical environments
7. To develop better recognition and treatment of pain for people with dementia

Designed for
This course is designed for health and social care professionals supporting adults with Down’s syndrome in a variety of settings, but especially those working in a supported living environment. In addition, it would be relevant to social workers involved in assessing care needs and others working in a supportive role such as a day service staff and personal assistants etc.
Course Programme
Welcome and introductions
What is dementia and how does it affect people with Down’s syndrome?
The experience of dementia
Getting a diagnosis – problems and solutions
‘Supporting Derek’ DVD – a case study showing practical examples
Discussion of issues raised
The impact of the built environment on people with dementia
Responding to the pain experiences of people with Down’s syndrome and dementia (DVD)
Identifying ways to put good things into practice
Feedback and discussion – sharing of knowledge from participants
Close and evaluation

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